Semester Two

As you can see by the lack of posts I’ve completed, this has been one busy semester! We nearing the end of the semester and I have a med calc test, 3 kaplan tests, and 2-3 finals before I’m halfway done with the program.

This semester I had 2 clinicals, psych and medsurg 2. Psych was 5 weeks long with 2 care plans and we spent 1 day on the Substance Use Disorder unit. We practiced a lot of therapeutic communication skills and learned about different mental health disorders and how symptoms present in patients. I had a phenomenal clinical instructor and I feel so lucky to have had her for guidance and wisdom. I really lucked out this semester because my Medsurg 2 clinical instructor is also wonderful. This semester was on a cardiac step down unit and I really enjoyed being on a cardiac floor instead of a general medical floor since I had a medical oncology unit last semester. Medsurg 2 lecture is definitely my most challenging class but I have a great study buddy and together we make charts in a study room on campus, which has been super helpful. In medsurg lab we had 2 competencies one was IV push, and the second we were randomly assigned and had to either insert a Foley catheter, complete trach suctioning, or completing a central line dressing change. I was given Foley catheter and I’m feeling ready to start OB clinicals this summer!


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For spring break, I was fortunate to have my long-term boyfriend fly out to come visit me and see the sights in DC and Virginia. We saw the national monuments, visited the smithsonians, Mount Vernon, stayed a couple nights in Virginia Beach and saw the Cape Henry lighthouse, and visited Great Falls National Park. We also managed to swing by Richmond and I found 3 great-great grandparents burials and the house my grandma was born in!

Throughout this semester I have been involved with the Student Nurse Mentorship program. As a nurse mentor I am available to answer questions and help ease the transition into nursing school by being a resource for new students. I have really enjoyed being part of this program and applied to be part of the Steering Committee to help improve and continue the program. Fortunately I was selected to be on the committee and will start learning more about taking over as an active steering committee member later this week! I am so excited for this opportunity! I’ve also really enjoyed tutoring for the School of Nursing. Not only does it help new students, but it also helps me remember what we covered in the first semester so I can retain the information better for the NCLEX.


Above was my clinical group for medsurg 2. Hard to believe it is now over and I won’t see them on Friday! The end of clinical is always bitter-sweet. I learned so much in this clinical and I am much stronger and confident in my assessment skills. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful nurses who helped teach me and to my peers for putting up with me when I got overly-excited for the critical thinking exercises. 😉

– Future Nurse Rhonda


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